Apparently This Is Everything You Need To Know About Destiny

It may sound like I am joking here about seeing everything you need to know about Destiny here. I am. I highly doubt that this new two minute video is going to show you everything you need to know about Bungie's upcoming FPS title but the title of the video says it does. So given that then we will continue to go off this and that there is nothing else to know about Destiny.

So what there is to know about Destiny is that it's an FPS (not new) from Bungie (not new). It has a campaign mode (not new) that will allow you to hop into 'instances' of multiplayer (not new). Destiny will also have a unique style of leveling (not totally new) that sounds like it will be more of a marketplace style of things (slightly new). All of this of course shown via some fun gameplay (that's at least new).

I guess this is a nice intro to Destiny for those who have been completely out of the loop. I am sure this will be one of the titles that Activision focuses on during E3 this year (again) so we should have more "to know" for Destiny here in a month's time. Unless this trailer is exactly correct. Then welcome to the long wait for release with nothing new to find out about the game.