This Week In Gaming 5/12/14 — 5/16/14

It is time to wrap yet another week of gaming news and there has been some great and fun news to lead into the weeks of silence before E3. Soon we will have nothing more than a few little tidbits to speculate on or hope for until we get full announcements and details. I'm sure we will most likely see 'leaked' information come out that will come to pass like the Halo 5: Guardians announcement but to keep things fun until June I hope they stay few.

None the less we have had some cool new stuff for Dragon Age: Inquisition and Watch_Dogs come out to hype us all up for our future gaming needs. There was also the loss of the Kinect for the Xbox One that should get a lot more of us all excited moving forward with the Halo 5 announcement. We've even had some fun with some art students up in San Francisco in the terms of Borderlands fan films to tide us over until next games come out.

In the end it's all about having a good time gaming so I'll let you go to read what you may have missed during the week. Take your time and have fun. As always, happy gaming.