Looks Like The Whistle Is Getting Blown Soon For Outlast: Whistleblower

Raise your bloodied hand if you survived the horrors of Outlast. Now keep it up if you are ready for the Whistleblower DLC to land and expand upon the thrills and horrors of the core game. Now keep it up if you are still wondering how I am going to check and see if you had your hand up this whole time or just clicked in here to check out the new trailer for Outlast: Whistleblower which will be hitting the PC and PS4 next week; May 6th for NA and May 7th for EU. You can now put your bloody stump down and enjoy.

Fun Simon Says aside now, if you look below we have the new trailer for the Outlast: Whistleblower with boil blood and all. I personally can't wait for this DLC as I quickly fell in love with the core game and only wished that Red Barrels was able to make it just a bit longer. Or at least give me a reason to play through more than three times that didn't include me trying to scare the shit out of anyone I could get to sit and watch. With Outlast: Whistleblower it looks like I have that wish.

Outside of the new environments and new scares shown there isn't much else to give you but the thrill. I've already spoiled the release date above but at least you can still turn down the lights, crank up the volume, and get prepared for what Outlast: Whistleblower will have in store for you. Time to creep about and sharpen my blades…