Carnage Is Confirmed For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Earlier this month we got a trailer showcasing the villains that will be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. During said trailer there was a possible glimpse of Carnage which was something of great speculation. It all made sense based on the short scene and how this game is supposed to stay semi-close to the cinematic universe that has been re-cultivated.

As the 'exclusive' trailer from MTV for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows, it can be confirmed for the game now. This is kind of a big deal for fans like me and for those who want to speculate more on the future of the films and spin-off films coming in the future. Although I have a feeling that I am one of the only people out there that is this excited about a single character in a film-tie-in video game.

The following trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also has a few other new looks at already announced villains as well just in case you are into that. As long as you are not an Xbox One user you can find out all of the ins and outs of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on April 29th.