Here's The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer Outside Of The PrE3 Event

In case you were interested in the new features/advancements since LoS, here they are in a nut shell or you can wade through the whole event video.

  • Obviously Zobek is back with Patrick Stewart as the voice again
  • The game features Dracula as the main playable character
  • Even though the trailer shows a more medieval setting, it is supposed to take place in modern times.
  • The story picks up after the prologue of LoS
  • The main villain mentioned is Satan
  • There is more focus on free roaming and less "level" based
  • The camera will no longer be fixed and will be controlled by the players
  • MercurySteam has claimed that they have done away with the loading screen and allows players to move freely
  • This will be the end of the Lords of Shadow saga but not specifically the Castlevania story

LoS2 will be on the show floor at E3 so expect there to be quite a few updates as we will have actual hands on with the game. If it is anything like the first title I see this becoming another "need to play" title in everyone's library.