Pre-PAX East Speculations

Second we have the new expansion for Red5 Studios' Firefall. They are said to be adding in plenty of new features. Features such as new units, over 100 new events and encounters, new weapons, and an improved crafting system. Mostly standard fare for an expansion but let's see how they do it, eh?

Also showing up this weekend is Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Online. This will be the first time it's shown and not too much has been let out about this other than it's a 3rd person game taking place before the Empire was unified. So it takes place in the first era of Tamriel, which if you are a TES fan like I am you know that leaves a lot of open reign with the story and what can be done. I am personally quite excited by this and hope Zenimax Online can pull it off.

TESO isn't the only MMO showing up at PAX East this year. Perfect World Entertainment's Neverwinter is also returning. It is still in beta but we will get another look at this stunning MMO based in the Forgotten Realms universe. I don't need to go too much into this as it's been covered and is due to be out soon. I will say their booth last year was a decent size and this year will be even bigger.

Ninja Bee is returning with a new game to be unveiled. Little is known yet, but it's called Ninjitsu. They also are showing off the new WiiU and Windows 8 versions of World Of Keflings. I assume it will be much the same as the 360 version that is already out but we will find out for sure this weekend.

The Behemoth is also returning with their new title BattleBlock Theater. This is an interesting co-op/competitive platformer with a team vs. team styled game play mechanic. It looks ridiculously fun and I can't wait to find out more.

There are tons of other games being shown off, unveiled and talked about this weekend than any one article can cover, so check back this weekend for more in-depth coverage. Anyone coming out to PAX East this weekend should know all the games above have giveaways, contests, and more going on. You are more than welcome to find us and talk about our opinions on things. I can't wait for this weekend and hope to see many of you there as well!