Let's Welcome The Empusa To God Of War: Ascension

Anyway, this servant of Hecate is now featured in the GoW franchise in some fashion. While she is a heavily altered version from the original myths, she does look pretty bad ass. Why they didn't just go with Arachne, given the spider-like qualities, but it fits none the less.

So what do we get to look forward to with this new creature besides the murder of it? Well, some pretty creepy contortionist movements mixed with some great breasts swinging about as she tries to suck Kratos' soul from his body. So I guess we'll get to see a metric butt load of sexism type of accusations being thrown around this coming March 12th. Doesn't that make you happy?

But all jesting aside, take a look at the new creature and see it go from concept to full monstrosity in God Of War: Ascension.