Now That We've Had Some Time, Let's Talk PS4

If for some reason you missed it, as I did, you want to check what I'm talking about, or you just don't care for the words and just want to watch it again, the video is below.

So let's start out with some of the positives.


Suspend Power Mode — It may sound a bit trivial, but this is something I know I will use the hell out of with the new system. I get called away quite often while the middle of gaming sessions, sometimes for hours or so. I hate leaving my PS3 on to go handle things but I am not going to lose all my progress just because of that. If this actually pans out as described, over-stressing my system because the real world calls will be a thing of the past. I just hope it works better then the sleep mode of Windows.

Background Downloads/Updates — This has been something that I know a lot of us have been asking for a while. At least a real version of it. I hate when I start a download but want to hop into a game while it downloads, only to find out that the process was halted because I was playing a game. Drives me crazy as the point of playing was to pass the time while I waited for the other item to load on my machine. Sounds like we've spoken and been heard.

Play It Downloads — No I am not repeating myself here, this is a new feature that builds off the prior. Effectively what this is planned to do is let you stream a download and play the part of the game that is already downloaded to your PS4. Think like watching a YouTube video before it fully loads only in this case it is a game or demo. I'm not clear on how this is accomplished, but if Sony can pull it off, amazing.

Record Game Play — Looks like the days of needing special recording devices to share your triumphs are in the past. Most likely this will be hitting the next Xbox as well, but this is something that other cloud services have been doing for a while. This will make trophy hunting and online guide making a bit easier. This is good for those out there who enjoy doing those things.

Remote Game Play — This is more of a two in one. I was expecting this feature to hit the PS3 as soon as the Vita came to market, especially since Nintendo was already doing something similar with the Wii U, but looks like they were waiting for the PS4. So you can essentially do that now if you own both. What is more interesting is the second part. Now you can remote in and aid someone else who may be stuck in a game. I wish I was paid every time I was asked to help someone through a section only to find out my words were not enough help. Looks like now there is no more need for words, one can simply log in remote to help. I smell new online services cropping up soon because of this.

I know that the positives seem more like a recap, but let's dig into a few things touched on and kind of tossed aside.


Been In The Works For A While — According to the presenters of the event, the PS4 went into development shortly after the PS3 came to market. So what you are saying is that the other two iterations, Slim and Really Slim models, were more of a distraction from what was missing on the PS3 but going into the PS4. I get technology advances at a great pace, but why gloat on about the length of a console's life when you have the latest and greatest in the works so quickly? Did we really need a Slim PS3 when most could have saved their money for a PS4? In the end I guess it's good to know that by the beginning of 2014 they will be working on the PS5.

Real IDs — You'd think that after the issues Blizzard had with this, Sony would have learned a lesson. Gamers don't want this. I know I don't. The worst part is that the "Real ID" is based off all of your social media information. I fear for those out there who are not tech savvy but like to smack talk on PSN. Why is that? Well if the data is pulled from, say Facebook, people's phone numbers and addresses could be pulled and used. I think this is a dumb idea to add. The point of gaming is to escape reality not link your full reality to it. We'll see how that really plays out.

Personalization — At first you may think that having your store and content shown personalized based off your likes and dislikes. This is the idea that is in the works for the new PS Store, at least as explained. Here's the issue though, just like how Google does it, you may miss things because it doesn't fall in your "likes" category. Most people don't know that their Google results are pulled like this and most likely won't know on the PS Store. This will lead to users not getting the full experience as we are now relying on Sony to tell us what we should think is important to play or down load.

Auto Download/Buy — Currently, at least for PS Plus members, you can set up your PS3 to download content that you may like when you are not in front of your PS3. Things like Demos and Videos mainly here. But as David Perry explains in his portion, the end goal is to have these things as well as full titles and videos downloaded and installed in the background before you even click the buy button. Hopefully this was a misspoken phase, but since there has been no retraction or correction, this leads me to believe that if you PSN account thinks you will like something it will be auto purchased and downloaded in the background. I don't know who would think this was a good idea so hopefully this was something that was not communicated correctly.

No Backwards Compatibility — Well this right here will probably lead to poor initial sales. One of the big selling points for me on my PS3 was the fact that I could play all of my old PS2 and PS1 titles. With a limited game collection at launch that was needed. Now the PS4 won't even play PS3 titles at launch? So you will shell out for a new system and only have a handful of games for quite some time? Again, who thought this was a good idea? At least with the PS3 when the backwards compatibility was lost it was a bit into the life cycle and there was a library established. Hopefully Mr. Perry's comment "at this time" really means that it is being worked out before they start shipping PS4s this holiday.

So there you have it. What do you have to say about this now that you've had some time to think about it? Sound off below.