Here's A Serious Sam 3 Console Update

"Update on Serious Sam 3: BFE Xbox 360 - 3rd party testing:

We have completed our internal testing last week.

Final build was uploaded over the weekend to a 3rd party testing company, E4E, for the external testing.

They will be testing both the Xbox 360/XBLA TCRs and FTCs.

E4E has already started with testing on Monday morning.

We are monitoring their testing progress on the fly through the bug reports they provide directly in our Bugzilla database.

Also, we are fixing discovered issues from the previous day and then upload the new fixed build in the evening, so they have it ready for regression testing the next morning.

Looking good so far..."

-Croteam via Facebook

Looking good so far indeed!

Croteam said earlier in the year that Serious Sam 3 would be coming to Xbox 360 / XBLA around September, and it looks like they're right on schedule. As for the PS3 owners, I have some bad news: Serious Sam 3 might not reach PS3 / PSN in 2012, but maybe early 2013.

Croteam has also announced the first DLC for Serious Sam 3, which should be hitting PC in October. The new DLC will feature three new campaign missions that follow Sam as he explores the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae. Two of the secret weapons in Serious Sam 3 will finally be in the spotlight in this DLC, making them normal weapons, the Laser Gun and Sniper Rifle.