E3 2012 Hands On: Borderlands 2

Before anyone asks, they didn't really go into detail on the character creation/progression in the game and I didn't have time to dig into the three trees of the Zer0. But as you can assume they all mostly revolved around things that would make you a better, sneaky killer. Or in the case of what I took, a much more efficient melee killer and sniper. Other than that we were all handed a nicely upgraded high level character to do the bidding of a claptrap who wanted to cause a bit of mayhem by destroying statues.

So from the starting point, my co-op partner and I were then usheredd around by yet another demanding, yet comical, claptrap. This is where everything kind of went back to the original Borderlands just with different environments, story and characters. It all handled pretty much the same, not that that is bad or anything, but if you were looking for some real differences in mechanics don't be shocked. But the real focus here was the new abilities for the characters in the end.

One of the abilities I found fun and useful was one of Zer0's multiple melee attacks. When activated time slows down a bit, or at least it's perceived to, and then multiple copies of Zer0 appear while you get to hack and slash for some massive damage. It was a bit unclear if it was supposed to be a representation of how fast the character is moving or if he calls in a couple of other assassin's in the area to help out, but either way it was amazing to pull off when in a tight corner surrounded by a bunch of enemies.

Outside of that, sadly, there really isn't all that much more to bring up. It kind of felt like 2K/Gearbox was trying to keep lids on the overall story as well as not go into too much detail on the class skills. I'm hoping this is to help with spoilers before the game actually launches. But I can guarantee I had fun during the demo and am just as, if not more, excited for Borderlands 2 to actually come out.

Borderlands 2 will be hitting shelves here on September 18th for the PS3, Xbox and PC. A date that seems so much further away than it actually is.

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