PAX East Hands-On: Wreckateer

Wreckateer is an XBLA game that revolves all around destroying castles (hey, who doesn't love wrecking stuff?) The plot behind destroying castles is that you are a part of a demolition crew who is hired by the king to destroy abandoned and unwanted castles that have been overrun by goblins.

Stepping forward and putting your hands together loads up the catapult, as you step back the catapult draws back, the more you move backwards the more powerful the shot. You then spread your arms apart and the shot takes off. Depending on what shot you get you throw your arms up like a field goal to activate it. Activating the "bomb" shot makes it explode. There are about three or four different types of shots, obviously the bomb shot. There is also a flying/gliding shot that after being activated can be maneuvered via using your arms like the wings of a plane. There is also a certain shot (the name escapes me at the moment) that when activated separates into four different shots that can be manipulated by your hand movements. Think of having a rubber band between your hands.

There is a "damage" meter that goes up to cause more damage. The higher the meter the higher the multiplier, which then gives you a lot more points. You get points for any kind of destruction. Doing "trick" shots and hitting goblins and power ups reward more points as well.

I instantly fell in love with Wreckateer. The controls are easy and the game is simple. An instant classic for the Kinect that I'm sure I will be sinking tons and tons of hours into.

There was a contest that the guys at Wreckateer were holding at PAX East. The person who got the highest score on a level won over the course of the convention got a free Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. That person happened to be yours truly, with a high score of 397,950. A little over 2,000 points away from a gold medal.

Wreckateer comes out on Xbox Live Arcade sometime this spring. Developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.