New Borderlands 2 Trailer Brings The 'WubWub'

The new trailer features a lot of "Wub Wub" dubstep garbage, but it can be easily muted via the volume bar on your player. Also featured are the four playable characters in the game: Salvador (The Gunzerker), Maya (The Siren), Axton (The Soldier, I assume) and Zero (The Assassin, another assumption). I'm really stoked for Zero. He looks like a purebred bad ass.

Along with the trailer has come an official release date to the game. Borderlands 2 hits store shelves September 18th, 2012.

Pre-order now and get access to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club which is essentially pre-order DLC. The Premiere Club includes a "Golden Key" which will unlock a rare item in the mysterious Sanctuary Loot Chest. Also included is a Vault Hunter's Relic which is a 'lucky charm' that increases your loot drops and the Gearbox Gunpack, a package of unique Gearbox golden guns to help you out.