CES 2012 Hands On: Alan Wake: American Nightmare

Plain and simple what I got to see was Alan Wake in a Survival Mode or Horde Mode, depending on how you want to look at it. Pretty much as the mode states, you need to fight against a plethora of enemies until dawn, which was apparently only 10 minutes away in this demo. Nothing more to say outside of it having all of the same features as every other survival modes out there. You know like leader boards and the like.

There was really nothing new to the whole thing either. All of the controls were the same, so nothing new there. Outside of new sights and sounds, not talking anything like new enemies or anything, the graphics and audio were pretty much what I played when Alan Wake originally came out. Yea, it was pretty much a run around picking up ammo/batteries and kill everything until you died or the sun rose.

It was a quite lackluster experience, so I obviously needed to ask why I need to buy this. At which point I found out that the single player campaign is another 5-6 hours of story based on Alan's first show he wrote for. More or less an episode from the show that takes place in Arizona with new creatures and environments. All of which not showing at CES, but these minute details were given out for those who asked.

Plain and simple, there is nothing really new to talk about yet from what I was shown. Outside of playing a closed level from the game with endless enemies rushing you. Something that we've already played in many other games. Hopefully the single player mode will be enough to produce sales for Remedy and Microsoft, because the Survival Mode seems more or less something that could have been DLC to the main game. I really want something to help carry me over the wait for the true Alan Wake sequel to come out.