World Of Warcraft Celebrates Seven Years

World of Warcraft's official Anniversary date is November the 23rd. So how does one celebrate such a milestone? With the appreciative nature of its bustling community that we have seen from years of Blizzard games. Players who log in between Sunday, Nov 20th, to Saturday, Dec 3rd, will get a Feat of Strength and a package in their in-game mail. What's in the celebratory gift? Well it provides players with an item that temporarily grants a special tabard, 7% XP and rep bonus! MMO-Champion had some images of the tabard and its flavor text.

Of course the item provided is great (especially for alt grinding) but on Sunday November 20th during the Chargers/Bears Football game (Which I missed because I was watching SC2 MLS games...) we got the next commercial with one of the best Cameo's to date. Check out the video below!

Chuck Norris. Enough said. The only thing missing is a round house kick to Thrall's face! So let's hear from the guys that still play? I've been playing since Day 1 and I plan on continuing that subscription (pandas!). What did players, specifically horde, think of the commercial? Is the Anniversary package worth it? Or just post a Happy Anniversary! Let's hear what you guys have to say in the comments!