Dead Island The Movie... Do We Need It?

I am being a little hasty here though. It looks like the reason has been optioned is all based around the concept of the first trailer we were given back in February of this year. You know the sad one with the little girl falling out the window. The same one that caught all of the attention for the game and won awards left and right. You know it if you are reading this. Well it looks like it struck a chord with Joe Drake, Lionsgate's co-COO and Motion Picture Group President, and he really likes the whole concept of the short story shown.

"Like the hundreds of journalists and millions of fans who were so passionate and vocal about the Dead Island trailer, we too were awestruck." He continued, "This is exactly the type of property we're looking to adapt at Lionsgate – it's sophisticated, edgy, and a true elevation of a genre that we know and love. It also has built in brand recognition around the world, and franchise potential."

At least they have their head in the right place. I mean last time I saw a film where it started out with a bunch of drunken idiots at a beach concert/party who were then attacked by zombies it was directed by Uwe Boll. I'm talking the abortion of a film House Of The Dead that you should never sit through. Ever! Thankfully Lionsgate has started out with the guy who brought us The Mummy and Tombstone to bring us a zombie film that focuses on human emotion, family ties and a non-linear storytelling method. So there is that going for it.

Before there is an uproar they are still in early development for the Dead Island film, so it still might not even see the light of day. I think it could be interesting if done right. Although when they are in early development and already talking about brand recognition as a selling point, it makes me think they are going to rely on people who know the game paying to see some crap than making a truly decent film. But who knows? What you got floating in that grey matter?