Serious Sam 3 Hypefest

Serious Sam 3 is rocking its very own graphics engine made by Croteam. The "Serious Engine 3" is quite impressive and by looking at screen shots and game play videos you can really see how powerful this bad boy is. The game play style has not changed since the very beginning; unload a tsunami of bullets into never ending waves of enemies with some gigantic enemies, puzzles and platforming elements thrown in. Adding to the mix of hilarious and awesome weapons such as the "Serious Cannon" which is a giant Cannon that shoots, you guessed it, Cannon Balls. Also the addition of melee weapons and attacks which add a much needed close quarters combat element to the franchise. Nothing feels quite as good as slamming a Sledgehammer into a Gnarr's face or ripping its eyeball out with your bare hands.

Unlike Duke Nukem Forever you can hold all of your weapons at once; shotguns, miniguns, assault rifles and more. Serious Sam 3 brings new environments to its much loved Egyptian and Mayan temples and areas. Adding to the mix the urban jungles of destroyed cities which is a nice change of scenery to the desert wastelands and lush South American style forests. Serious Sam 3 is not just about the single player campaign. Oh no. Serious Sam has something for everyone: Classic Multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Last Team Standing. Feel like kicking the teeth of Mental's horde in with a buddy or two? Serious Sam 3 supports sixteen player co-op modes such as Survival and Beat Hunt mode. Don't have too many friends online? Don't worry. Call up three of your buddies and rock it old school style with four player split screen.

Steam is having a pre-order sale for Serious Sam 3. 10% off with a boat load of extras. Already own a Serious Sam game on Steam? LUCKY YOU! You get an additional 10% off when you pre-order. Here are some of the goodies for pre-ordering on Steam:

  • Making-of Serious Sam 3 video.
  • Exclusive Gold Fork Parker, Brett Sanderson Headless Kamikaze and Gold Serious Sam Multiplayer Characters.
  • Sniper Scope for the As-24 "Devastator" Weapon.
  • Digital Art book, High-Res Posters and Box Art.
  • And Much More!

Still not sold on getting Serious Sam 3?

Here's some game play footage for you.*

And the official website www.SeriousSam.Com

And another game play video

*Note game play videos are running on PC with "Graphic Options: Low"

I seriously cannot wait for this game to come out. What are your thoughts and opinions about Serious Sam 3 and the Serious Sam franchise? Leave a comment below.