QuakeCon '11 Incoming

So what can players expect to see at this year's QuakeCon? Skyrim news and more RAGE than you can stand. Players will get hands-on time with this year's most anticipated FPS RAGE and another title we haven't heard about in some time, Tribes: Ascend will also be playable at QuakeCon '11. There will be a Skyrim panel on Friday from Bethesda, so hopefully we will get a few more nuggets of news since last we saw it at E3. Players can also expect to see presentations about Prey 2, and a panel about the 20 years of id Software which will be moderated by the infamous Morgan Webb. All this and almost 9'000 players gaming like they have never gamed before.

It's not just about Quake though, it's about the LAN player. Players will play anything from FPS, RPG, and with consoles being allowed into the BYOC, everything goes. Team Fortress 2, Crysis, Diablo 1&2, Players will also be able to play against some of the top players in the world, in tournaments for cash and prestige.

With a long list of LAN games to play (including Call of Duty, and Crysis) players can expect all night game binges, copious amounts of Bawls drinking, and FPS new out the yin yang. I won't lie, I would be really excited to see a new Quake game this year, or how about a new Doom game? It's been a long time and it's overdue. Plus it's QuakeCon, with all the technology and new FPS dynamics out in this world; it's time we bring back the classics.

This will be the place to be this weekend. So if you can get to Dallas, TX and you have a need for local network games, you now know where to be. So who's going? Games you look forward to seeing? Notes to first-time attendees?