Shadows Of The Damned Prove Women Are Crazy


This trailer has done very little to get me any more interested in the story. The Tarantino style music and clip style grabbed my attention, but the story that they seem to be hacking out here has been played before; and recently. Isn't this the same type of story from Dante's Inferno and Splatterhouse? Both games that came out last year and both games that had a "badass" fighting off "demons" to save his love. The love interest of course going to be "married" to the ultimate evil if said protagonist fails his mission.

I get that this story type is one that does really well for action games, but are we really at the point where this is what is going to keep getting slopped out? Can we not get a better premise for us to have to go save a crazy bitch?1 I'd say the world would be better off with less crazy bitches out there, but then what would be the point of playing the game if the main character just said "Oh well, the world is better off"?

Below are some screens and the trailer I spoke of. Watch and let us know your feelings on crazy bitches.

1 By no means is AggroGamer saying all women are crazy bitches. But this clip definitely shows a crazy bitch. Not to mention that there are a lot of crazy bitches out there.2

2 If that last line pissed you off, you are probably a crazy bitch…

Shadows Of The Damned Shadows Of The Damned Shadows Of The Damned Shadows Of The Damned Shadows Of The Damned
Shadows Of The Damned