Review: The AGlove, It's So Rad

AG is the periodic symbol for Silver

So what makes these gloves so special? Well it looks like the key ingredient here is the specially knit glove that utilizes silver-coated-nylon fibers woven into the fabric itself. This guarantees that you can use any touch screen (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Tablet, etc.) under the coldest of temperatures. Now unlike other products, that put little sticky things on the tips of your index fingers, this actually lets you use any finger you want to activate the touch screen. The silver coated fibers not only let you stay conductive enough to use a touch-screen but also provides natural thermal conductivity to keep your hands toasty warm. They're machine washable, so you don't need any special care for them, and they are really lightweight.

Touch screen gloves are just emerging as an independent industry. Folks in cold climates know the problem. Normal gloves don’t work to operate capacitive touch screen devices, like iPhones, Droids, and tablets. The problem is huge – just search Twitter for “cold fingers” and you’ll see what I mean….

In recent months, a handful of gloves companies have surfaced into the tech world marketed as a touch screen glove. Most, however, only offer 2 or 3 finger functionality and fall short in precision.

AGloves’ snug fit and silver-based design give users all 10-finger use in a natural way that allows them to text or type accurately without having to change their preferred texting kinetics. Early product reviews score AGlvoes highest as the texting glove because of excellent accuracy.

I honestly found them quite comfortable and they really did keep my hands warm. It's really just a glove but it's the utility of said glove that makes it really worth having. I experienced no trouble while using my android device and another AggroGamer has had no issues on the iPhone device.

Finally the cost of such a great invention must be great, but in reality they are only $17.99. I've downloaded games more expensive than that! I can't stress this enough. If you hate trying to use your smart phone in the winter, you really need to get a pair of these gloves. Mobile gaming should be a year round experience.

2 pairs of AGloves were sent to us for review purposes by on February 9th. The gloves retail for $17.99. I've used the gloves extensively for the past month.