Modern Warfare 3 May Have Been A Hoax, But Battlefield 3 Is Not

Anyways… Below we have a few stills and a full video of game play from Battlefield 3. It is… well … another FPS game. Not knocking the genre, but it looks just like another modern day war shooter. In fact at one point in the clip I actually got a flash back from Modern Warfare 2. Not the crazy "Charlie In The Trees" flashback, but I could have sworn I've run through the map before. Or at least something VERY similar to it.

I guess when you have a franchise that constantly brings in money hand over fist, why break the groove? Not to mention keep the fans happy and thumbs deep in games. Speaking of, here are those stills and the video for you fans out there to get all excited and reinforce the fact that you are going to whine about how far off the launch date is.

Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3