OnLive Now Giving Us Another Way To Be Voyeurs

But there is good news for you out there that are a fan of strip clubs and being teased. Just released on the iPad and Android Tablet is a way live spectate of any of the OnLive game sessions from around the world. That way of course being a new mobile app that is ready for download and does not, I repeat does not, require jail breaking to run the full-featured Flash, Silverlight and Windows 7 application. Just took Cloud computing to get Flash on an Apple product it seems.

Anyways, this new app is just for viewing and "chatting" and nothing else. While not a huge fan of the pricing structures, this does kind of bring things a step closer to actually being able to run full PC games on these mobile devices; even though the input devices would suck to do so. But at least now you can pine over being at home and playing these games when sitting in you families living room form Christmas dinner watching gamers who have nowhere to go but their virtual havens. Or those Jewish gamers who are playing.

I for one wouldn't use this app, but then again I am also someone who would rather opt to head home and game myself instead of watching other. Maybe it's just me.