WCG Ultimate Gamer 2: Episode 6 - Being A Payback Bitch

So who went home? How did it all go down? Who got all bitchy? Read on for the recap and run down. Not to mention another opportunity to watch Timmy Dance.

"Disclaimer" I will make it no secret that I tried out for this season and was not selected due to XBox Live issues during game analysis. I was only able to connect for one of the sessions, and thus disqualified. Knowing that, please read these recaps as a reviewer's aspect and not a bitter gamer. My views would be the same even if I had not tried out.

The Welcome Back That Was Expected

So where we last left off, CND The 3rd (Caesar) had just won the elimination and clowN (Yaz) and Mystik (Kat) were sent back first. Just as expected, as soon as CND The 3rd (Caesar) walked back in, not a single other person stood and congratulated him on surviving. This is also what I expected had he lost and |RyBu| (Ryan) had been the one walking back in. Their true colors had been shown and who would want that poison around them, seriously?

Being that there was no real action or interaction to exploit, the editors found the hard cut to the real challenge was the best way to go. No one was saying a thing, might as well.

And We Are Back To WTF?

Ok with this week's game being WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, one would expect the real life challenge to reflect something related to the game. You know, something that is generally in the same vein. So far, the show had done a good job of doing since episode two. Well it looks like they wanted to get creative again - in a bad way - and introduce the mobile challenge again as well. Seems like they bring the mobile challenge in when they didn't plan for an odd number of contestants for a versus challenge.

Before I go into the disappointment of the "real life" challenge, let me give the run down on the mobile. Since it allowed for a player to sit out part of the challenge and win a phone call home. It was a stupid flick the basketball into the hoop game. Outside of basketball being a sport and wrestling being one, that was the only connection. This was even lamer then the driving game from episode two. In any instance, clowN (Yaz) made more baskets in 45 seconds so he got to sit out the first round of the "real-life" challenge.

Which speaking of, was a challenge that had nothing to do with Wrestling outside of the fact that there are events that require climbing. Now, I've never seen a match where the guys in the ring need to climb a rock wall to simulate a latter match. Yea, a rock climb for a wrestling challenge. How that works I will not know and because of that, I'm only going to give a short run down with a little commentary.

The eliminations of people dropped in this order, JWong (Justin), Princess Aura (Faye) and Mystik (Kat). The only truly unfair match there was for Mystik (Kat) who had to go against CND The 3rd (Caesar). You know the guy that is like twice her height and size. I do hope she complained the entire time for fairness because she was not given an ounce.

The next group bounce was Thirstee (Jake) and Seltzer (Rachel) leaving clowN (Yaz) and CND The 3rd (Caesar) to fight for supremacy. A nice little rival match that turned more into a dick measuring thing because of CND The 3rd (Caesar) - who won. Once winning, he totally made it known to all by OVERLY gloating about it and trying to show off the stupid little belt he won. Congrats douche. You can climb a rock wall, that doesn't make you the ultimate gamer that the belt claims. I hope when you lose the whole thing that you are stripped of it.

Bitch… Bitch… Bitch…

And bitching there was from there. With CND The 3rd (Caesar)'s over inflated sense of self worth due to winning a toy belt (I can make one too if I wanted), he decided to take his bitchiness out on the house and not just clowN (Yaz). I swear he was like those Jersey Shore people back where he is from. Way to bring the douche that was |RyBu| (Ryan) back there, man.

Before I move on to the actually gaming here, I do have to throw a bit of props to Thirstee (Jake) for apparently sitting and taking the bitch-fest. I'd have called CND The 3rd (Caesar) a worthless human who is coveting a strip of dead cow flesh with a gold "idol" on the front, but that is just me. I'm sure the editors also wanted to try and make CND The 3rd (Caesar) look even more douche grommet like than Thirstee (Jake) is.

Oh yea, there was a game to be had in the mix of all this. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 happened to be it. A "who can last the longest in a Royal Rumble" challenge was what was in store for everyone. Only, it was something they really glanced over in this episode. I know that they can't show everything, but they really cut what they did show way down to get back to the bitching in the loft. I guess we really needed to see CND The 3rd (Caesar) trying to lord over everyone for another ten minutes after he won out over all. Princess Aura (Faye) being on the worst of show list this go around.

Keeping It clASSy

WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 - Princess Aura

As mentioned above, CND The 3rd (Caesar) continued his power trip. Continued to the point where he implied he would place people into elimination if they didn't do his bidding. A very ass-head move if I do say so myself. But in the end he chose someone that I am sure he was worried about, Mystik (Kat), since the last episode. That and he asked JWong (Justin) to help coach Princess Aura (Faye) to ensure she came back into the house for another easy win later on.

Gods I do love when people have the same ideas on things, but just different outcomes. By that I mean JWong (Justin) seeing Princess Aura (Faye) as the bigger threat so instead gave her bad training to ensure she wouldn't be back. Ah the intrigue.

Into the ring the two girls went, dressed to the nines, for their latter match. All with, you most likely guessed, Mystik (Kat) dominating and winning the match. There were a few points where it seemed iffy, but in the end it was time for Princess Aura (Faye) in her fancy dress to take the walk of shame off the stage.

In The End

Okay, so they have more on the contestants. Good. But they are going back to the "How Does This Fit" type format. I mean they could have easily placed a ring somewhere and had the contestants do something wrestling related. Unless they were getting all of the douchie smack talk to replicate all of the intros for the WWE stars. Doubt that was what their goal was, but I'll make the stretch for them.

I will say that finally we are to the point where I do give a flying rat fuck about some of these people now. Some because I think they deserve to earn the title and others because I want to watch ultimate humiliation.

Again in tribute to the fallen, I leave you with Timmy Dance. The reason this time, because Princess Aura (Faye) had something with that large man way back at the beginning of the show. Here's a way to help spark that memory back about Hat Person (AJ).