WCG Ultimate Gamer 2: Episode 4 - Peeling Out

Here are my thoughts and recap to help you figure that out for yourself.

"Disclaimer" I will make it no secret that I tried out for this season and was not selected due to XBox Live issues during game analysis. I was only able to connect for one of the sessions, and thus disqualified. Knowing that, please read these recaps as a reviewer's aspect and not a bitter gamer. My views would be the same even if I had not tried out.

Way Too Warm Of A Welcome

So with every episode we started with the welcome back to the house the victor of the elimination. Only this time everyone, sans RyBu (Ryan), was overly excited to see clowN (Yaz) to be the one walking back in. So far, even in the first season, I don't remember a welcome back like that. It really showed, to me, that the rest of the contestants really wanted Chosen1 (Sebastian) gone even though they tried to ban together and "help" him. I also state RyBu (Ryan) as being the only one as he didn't even move from his spot when the group hug was initiated.

After that though, it is kind of funny that they went back to not showing the real people again. Just glanced over everything else and moving on. Even when they have even more time to let you know these people again it seems back to "Make It A Game Show" and not a "Reality Show." Maybe it is just me again, so we will just move on like they did to the real life challenge.

Day Breakers Made The Show

Again, I have to hand it to the minds behind these challenges. The first episode was stretch, but the rest have been both relative to the video game of the episode and entertaining to actually watch. This week's also falling in line as well. It was to drive a car that has been day-proofed only getting to see where they were driving via a third person camera system. Pretty much just like most racing games only they get to run the risk of being harmed like the virtual drivers. If only it was a mock up of Split/Second.

Now while this was entertaining to watch, it seems that there is going to be a running theme, at least if they do a season 3; there will always be contestant that has never driven in their life and one that drives like Ms. Daisy. It happened in the drifting challenge the first go around and this time it happened with JWong (Justin) and Vanessa (Vanessa). JWong (Justin) being the one to never drive and Vanessa (Vanessa) driving like she was 80 years old with chronic arthritis.

Surprisingly and not surprisingly respectfully, JWong (Justin) did extremely well and Vanessa (Vanessa) coming in last. Coming in last by almost a minute of extra time, even after Princess Aura (Faye) was hit with an extra minute penalty as chosen by the group of contestants. Yea, she was that slow.

Oh, and before I move on, it was clowN (Yaz) who came out on top in this. Hitting his target and crossing the line under 40 seconds.

The Lies On The Bus Go Round And Round

As was to be expected from the try outs, the real racing game for the show was Forza 3. Also like the try outs, it was a simple timed trial around the track with a selected car. Man did the footage fall a bit short for this isolation challenge. All I really paid attention to was the final times flashed on screen. Watching racing games is just not all that interesting, just like NASCAR.

Now where things got interesting again was when Seltzer (Rachel) BSed her final time. Trying to play the game (show) the way it was meant to. Props on that. It also brought the "drama" back into things when everyone was getting upset that she "lied" about her score. Something that they all let pass when clowN (Yaz) did it just the episode before. Did we all forget that? Or was the "Pentagon" so worried that they did horrible and needed to prove that they didn't fuck as bad.

Speaking of this retardababy "Pentagon" thing, it was seriously poorly thought out, just like the name. Let's get the five best guys, literally guys, to the finals. Did you forget that you have to play against each other? How is this the best tactic for you all? Personally I would try to carry the weak players to the end so I could easily smash them and not have to worry about losing near the end. You know, get the best players to eliminate themselves early on so I would only have to worry about the left overs. But then again, that is smart for the game and not for the show I guess.

Anyways, it wasn't revealed the deception until after Vanessa (Vanessa) came in dead last and clowN (Yaz), came in first overall and chose Seltzer (Rachel) to play against her in Samsung Arena. The choice also being made after making the rest of the above mentioned "Pentagon" sweat if they were going to be the next to be placed for elimination.

Time For A Little Girl On Girl

WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 - Vanessa

Before the drama of the house based around Seltzer's (Rachel) "lie" could settle the two girls were sped off to play against each other in a five lap, head-to-head race. Sped off to what was one of the lamest eliminations to date is more accurate though.

Just like the isolation, it was watching a racing game. Yes, it was watching a racing game in a huge arena with a huge crowd, but the most interesting part was watching Seltzer (Rachel) fight her way ahead into first place. Then it was just watching her keep it with Vanessa having no chance at all. There was no excitement and they should have save the humiliation of Vanessa after Seltzer (Rachel) was so far in the lead.

In case you can't piece it together, Vanessa lost and went packing.

In The End

So the episodes started to get a bit more exciting as the competition continued on. Episode four not being an exception. At least until they got into the gaming section. I understand racing games are important to some of us gamers. We all have our own tastes, but when it comes to a TV show, it is too small of a sub-culture to our sub-culture. They can be fun to play, but watch others play, not so much.

I'll give a pass on this for now and hope that next episode being about the FPS will bring things back up. Although I will say that watching the Mario Kart elimination was a bit more exciting than this Forza 3 one.

Also, I am interested to see if Seltzer (Rachel) will get the same welcome back that clowN (Yaz) got at the beginning of this week's episode. Although, I have a feeling that will not be the case. Not because of the lie, but because of her not being part of the sausage-fest called the "Pentagon."

Oh, and again in tribute to the fallen, I leave you with Timmy Dance. The reason this time, because Vanessa doesn't have a Gamer Tag. It is her name, with no special spelling, just like how all of Timmy's characters on the show are named Timmy or Mr. Williams.