WCG Ultimate Gamer 2: Episode 2 - Balls In

So let's get right into it.

"Disclaimer" I will make it no secret that I tried out for this season and was not selected due to XBox Live issues during game analysis. I was only able to connect for one of the sessions, and thus disqualified. Knowing that, please read these recaps as a reviewer's aspect and not a bitter gamer. My views would be the same even if I had not tried out.

Bypass Real Life

After all the obvious Reality TV stuff at the beginning, we get ushered right in again with nothing to make us care about these people. I wouldn't even know some of these people's real names if I didn't do more than just watch the show. Where is the personal side of all of this? So far if I had to make an opinion on everyone here, they all fall into stereotypical roles or into obfuscation during the show. I keep forgetting certain people are on the show because they stay hidden in the background and those who are brought up front are falling into the typical RTV roles, which I couldn't care less about.

Speaking of, and going along with the bypass, HatPerson (AJ) is shining example of the guy who "falls" for someone on the show. Not only is he the stereotype here, but then he was able to bypass the real life challenge for something that had NOTHING to do with the episode - outside of it being a game on a Samsung phone. Is this one of the Shamalamadingdong (M. Night) twists that was teased for the show?

It was like the powers that be said, "We need to keep one person aside from the real life challenge to make it balanced. Let's do it by product placement!" That would have been okay, had the game had anything to do with the actual challenge. Well anything other than the fact that it had balls incorporated into it.

Balls To Head Style

Moving on to the actual challenge itself; it actually made sense for the episode. Bouncing balls like a trained seal while wake boarding on the Flo Rida Flow Rider. While there is not a mini-game on the disc like it, at least they were thinking in lines of staying in tune with the announced game - Wii Sports Resort. It was also quite a bit entertaining to watch. I can only imagine how difficult it actually was.

I want to applaud all of those who actually got up and out there. I am sure that was no cake walk. Especially for Seltzer (Rachel) and Princess Aura (Faye) as they had to deal with a lecherous HatPerson (AJ) from his cabana. Yes, he was cheering them on, but in a seriously distracting manner.

In the end of it all, Chosen1 (Sebastian) and Vanessa (Vanessa) lost out with a very dismal score. For this challenge, it was more shocking to hear the high score over the low. It was pretty crazy.

Hat's Keep In Body Heat And Cockiness

So two things happened after the real challenge that I expected. Chosen1 (Sebastian) took the loss to heart and honestly gave it a good try to keep in the game by digging into practicing. The other, HatPerson (AJ) slacked off and got drunk keeping his cocky persona flowing. Even when others were trying to advise him to go the other way. Almost like he thought that by "winning" the real challenge he was a shoe in for winning the round.

What I did not expect here though is the fact that even with the above: Chosen1 (Sebastian) was up for elimination after working his ass off and HatPerson (AJ) was second overall. Now that was a twist that I did not expect at all. Well, more hoped not would be the case. It was like all the morality stories of the world were ripped out of reality here. The cocky bastard was on top again and the one trying the hardest fails.

Luckily, the fates decided to step in again and prove something. Just at the height of the cockiness, the Hare was brought back down. Thirstee (Jake), who won it all, decided to out HatPerson (AJ) and make him complete the race to the end of the episode. Be it because of the attitude or because he wanted to see the underdog have one more chance, I do not know.

Tortoise Vs. Hare Round 3

WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 - HatPerson

While I could talk about the crazy "alliances" apparently everyone thinks they need and how like everyone is on one team sans two people, I will not. On these shows, people don't realize these alliances are just the best way to get stabbed in the back later on. It is the basics of a free-for-all game. They should know this.

What I will say is that it was nice to see that almost as a whole, everyone got behind the one person who was honestly trying and not the guy taking things for granted. While it didn't touch me more than Chosen1 (Sebastian), it was refreshing to see. It was like they all knew the editors were not going to show how everything went down, so they took an action to make sure it was conveyed in some way. At least that is how I'd like to explain why 80% of the players stepped up for the underdog.

From there, it was time to go play the final game for episode, Mario Kart. Now I know you are thinking that is not part of the Wii Sports Resort package. You are right, but it would seem the producers couldn't figure out which Wii title would be good for an entire episode, so they kind of brush it off and expect acceptance for it. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission and all that.

Now because the image is up, you can probably guess who got the boot this episode. The one that makes the Tortoise and Hare morality tale actually work out here. I for one am not sad that HatPerson (AJ) is off and Chosen1 (Sebastian) is walking back into the loft.

In The End

Okay, while there were a lot of things that happened that were just thrown in, this episode was much better than the one that started off the new season. The real challenge was interesting and it was nice to see Samsung being okay with another console to be brought into the mix of things. I doubt we will see more of the Wii, but it was nice to see something truly new for the series. Now let's just hope they will get a bit more personal than a cat fight and a lech. Not dreading episode three now.

Also, in tribute to the fallen, I leave you with Timmy Dance. Not for the same reason last time, but for the reason that a guy like Timmy came out on top even with his lack of dancing abilities. Something HatPerson (AJ) can try to learn for next time.