Deus Ex Let's You Revolt By Shanking People

All proving-myself-right aside, it looks like that is just one of the really cool looking ways you will get to take down enemies in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. At least that is what I am gathering from these new screen shots handed out by Square Enix and Eidos for the game. If stabbing people isn't your bag, don't fret, there are a few other things you can observe.

By other things, I have a few more shots of the world and other actions available like hacking or talking. Shocking stuff I know, but not as shocking as all the in-game shots look. Gods this game is not coming soon enough.

* - Our AggroLawyers have informed me I need to state that I do not, nor have I ever shanked a person in the face.1

1 - That was until I shanked them in the face.a

a - Please disregard 1 as it is incriminating.