PlayStation Plus Doing The Hulu

Oh wait, that's right, it's not free for anything other than your PC.

Just listed on the Hulu website is the new Hulu Plus program. Hulu Plus will let you watch premium content on your iPhone/Pod/Pad and supported TVs and players. All this for the price of $9.99 a month. Also listed in the products Hulu will be supporting are the PS3 and the 360, soon and early 2011 respectfully.

After just those basic services that were announced, all I have to ask Hulu is, "WTF?" Are you people fucking insane? How do you think you have the balls to offer what Netflix already offers for a buck cheaper when people can already take advantage of the service on their PCs? I guess if your users are so desperate to keep using your service that they'd pay for it to be able to watch their videos on most of their tech, more power to you.

Hopefully, they will think about this, review consumer reaction and adjust accordingly. They are looking to bring another pay service to a few systems that already have a couple pay services for TV and Movies on them. Do you really think that adding another $10 to a reoccurring payment is appealing? I mean you will need XBox Live Gold and I am assuming PlayStation Plus to take advantage of this.  Can you say, excessive?