F*ck Your TV Guide!

Currently the main information is out of Japan, as usual. Yes yet another thing they get before us, but what's new right? Now this is a free download onto the Wii as with the other channels it offers up. What does it do? Really it is just a TV guide on your Wii, or at least that's what they want you to believe. The truth is that it is just that with a few extra bells and whistles added ontop of it.

First, You will be able to search around for your shows using the comfort of the WiiMote instead of going to the TV Guide itself or the TV Guide Channel on your Cable/Satelite provider. Cause we all know how handy that will be right?

Wii. V. Guide

Second, while surfing, you can actually use your WiiMote as a TV controller. Adjust the volume and change the channel. Not too sure on how that will work unless your Wii is hard wired into the cable box, but I guess that's why I'm not on the Wii developement team.

Wii. V. Guide

Third, you can highlight shows and give them star ratings. This will allow you buddies online to see what you are watching and if you think it is a good show. But this will also allow for Nintendo to see these as well. They say for ratings and such like this, but we all know it is another step to have big brother watching us further.

Lastly, and this is pretty cool to me, you can tag a show in the guide to send you a reminder. No more missing a show because you are in the middle of a game. But you can also set in your e-mail and phone number as well and the system will shoot you a message a half hour before the show to remind you that you had to catch the new episode of Dancing With The Stars. This I like.

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