Google Gets Pac-Mania

You can start the game by "inserting a coin" or by waiting ten seconds before the game starts automatically.

Pac-Man has been one of the constants of gaming since 1980, and was introduced when the more popular games of the time were space shooters like Asteroids. What is it about the little yellow no-limbed hero that continues to drive new versions of the game to this day? From Flash versions to loading screens for Ridge Racer to smartphone based adventures, Pac has tackled them all. And is still able to decrease productivity in offices everywhere. No small feat.

There's a timelessness to his journey, and we've watched him grow from bachelor to married man to father. He's the everyman, that Pac is. I've dumped more money into a Pac-Family arcade cabinet than I can fathom, and probably could pay off my existing college loan balance if I had that money back.