Valve Announces Portal For Free

Also posted is this hilarious ad (seen below) to promote the free release. Please also note the reference to the recently announced co-op mode for Portal 2 - to be released this fall. Portal 2 was recently announced and detailed in an in-depth Game Informer article from a month ago.

As much as I love their games, Valve earns a lot to earn my ire. Can you at least announce Half Life 2: Episode 3 or Half Life 3?!? I mean WTF?! At least with Duke Nukem Forever we had scores of worthless screen shots and trailers. With that said, Valve made a brilliant move here. The game is three years old and giving it away for free for a week will not dip into your massive profits in any significant way. All it will do is drum up excitement for the sequel. Well done Valve.