Total Link PWNage

Ok, so I could have the largest dick in the universe and report this as 100% real, but I am not. In fact, I've been trolling around to find real stuff to report on, but alas, today is the day that everyone goes above and beyond to pull a prank. For F*cks sake, some of these "Joke" ideas are good enough to be made real; like the Bard class for WoW. But no, everyone has got to have their turn at teasing the world only to kick them in the virtual nuts by saying ha-f*cking-ha. I mean, I like a joke more than the next guy, but when you go to extreme lengths like what you will see below, it is no longer a good joke but just harmful.

If you read the underlined title to this, you probably have gone OMfingG and skipped this to go to the movie linked. If you are reading this, it won't be too much more of a rant, but actually more of a plea for this to not be a joke. Yes, it is a live action Zelda trailer, and it is done with film-like quality; it looks bloody real, but it is almost guaranteed to be a joke on the world. First, it was posted today. Second, it has IGN as the film maker listed in the teaser credits; both of these making it very, very unlikely. It just seems like a long way to go to make a joke. So here's me hoping that it is all just a coincidence and it is actually real, although I'm inclined to say it is a very well done fake. Hate mail should be sent if it is. :)

Legend Of Zelda — Movie Trailer

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Legend Of Zelda