Capcom Either Causes International Incidents Or Zombie Incidents

Below you will see two new video clips for two of Capcom's upcoming games: Dead Rising 2 and Super Street Fighter 4. The first clip - from Dead Rising 2 - gives us a taste of actual game play. A nice clip where we get to see the Chain Saw Bow Staff made, and then used on the undead that still wandering around. Before you get your socks all wadded, there is plenty to see in a showcasing of the game's other weapons as well. Not a bad way to make a comment on how humans have become slaves to acquiring resources for free and how some of us will stand up to keep them from getting off easy.

Then we have the second clip. A clip that I will dub "Race War." Even though it really is more of a violent Girl on Girl on Girl video, look at the subtext for once. It shows off the Korean-born Juri fighting Chung Li of China. When Juri is winning, via cheap shot, Cammy (U.S.) has to jump in and help. All the while making Juri look evil and a hardcore bitch. Now translate that to how the whiny bitches of the world will see it.

The evil Koreans are trying to beat on China. They take advantage of China's aversion to the problem. When this happens, the only way that China can recover is by having the U.S. step in and help. China and the U.S. gear up to bring the pain to Korea.

Yes that is a crazy stretch, but it was how I started to skew things. While I did enjoy the action and showcasing of these characters - and the girl on girl on girl action - how long will it be before we all catch wind of this because of some pansy ass that takes offense? Who knows?

In either case, great work on these two new clips, Capcom. I cannot wait for these games to hit store shelves so I can partake in all the social commentary goodness you are pumping out. This is without even mentioning my disdain for the entire Zombie race. They all just need to die... again.