iPhone gets PWNED!!! the lines of TOTAL FREEDOM, that is, freedom from Apple's restrictions built into the iPhone. The developer team of the new iPhone "Pwnage Tool" have finally made some releases on their crazy new software. Unlike previous iPhone hacks, the iPhone Pwnage Tool allows you complete control of your iPhone.

Aside from being able to install the firmware of your choice, theres even talk of installing Linux if you want! How cool would it be to be able to say, "I HAVE LINUX," on your iPhone? I'm sure Tux would be proud. :3

Now along with the good news always comes the bad; apparently Apple contacted the dev team and informed them of the "validity" of their software. It seems that the Mac OS x version of the Pwnage Tool will be delayed another week or so, maybe forever if Apple gets their way. But for those of you mod and technology enthusiasts that always have to have the best of the best and the geekiest of the gadgets, the "Pwnage Tool" is definitely something to look into.

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