Games for Windows Live is a day late and a dollar short Microsoft has finally caught on to the whole instant gratification idea and released it's long awaited Games for Windows- Live games on demand. Talk about a day late and a dollar short.

Microsoft opened it's doors to PC gamers everywhere, with their new Games for Windows LIVE software.  Gamers can download numerous titles from Microsoft ranging from Dirt 2 to Street fighter IV.  Yes we are all aware that Digital Distribution already exists with Steam and Direct2drive among others, but Microsoft gives the players the ability to use cash or Microsoft points to purchase games.

With Digital Distribution quickly becoming the way of the gaming samurai, it's no surprise that Microsoft is now offering a piece of their library to the PC gamer market.  Here's my problem with the whole thing, it's been done...PC gamers are already utilizing tools such as Steam to get there game on.  If Microsoft would have released this program almost a year ago and been ahead of the game it might stand a fighting chance, but the niche has been filled.  Also the gaming line up that Microsoft has chosen is less then optimal.  Dirt 2, Battlestation Pacific and if you act now Shadow run and Viva Pinata at 50% off!  If that doesn't spell EPIC FAIL, i don't know what does.

If Microsoft wanted to make a statement with their digital distribution option i don't think their going about it the right way.  Most of the titles available can be purchased at Video game stores around the country for a fraction of the cost, and if you get it used, you won't even look in GFW Live software's direction.  Price is the defining factor with Digital Distribution.  Why would someone buy a game Digitally for $60 that they can pick up at the nearest store for $50 or less.  One such title is Resident Evil 5. the game is available on GFW for $60, but go over to Capcom and pick it up for $50.  If you can't compete or at least price match the publisher, what chance will you have in this market?

Microsoft is also the king of DRM.  These three letters make gamers cringe, cry, and slap grandmothers and children.  It's aweful.  DRM is like hanging Poop on a Christmas Tree, it's simply not acceptable.  GFW Live is in itself a DRM , and certain titles after downloaded have more Digital Distribution handcuffs by limiting number of installations or more "protection".  C'mon Microsoft, even Apple is letting go of DRM fairly easily.

So all in all i am going to say is this to the readers, be careful, shop around, research, you may find something better.  Add Games for Windows Live to your list of places to shop around when looking for the best deal. Although right now it may not be the most cost effective purchase, down the road you may find a diamond in the rough.