Batman Brings More Darkness To The UK

In any instance, these two new challenges sound just as amazing as the last two that were released. One of which is a standard Freeflow map and not an endless enemy map. And it all takes place in the Arkham Pumping Station with increasingly difficult waves of enemies. While the other is your standard invisible predator map. This time though, Batman has to silently take out all the armed inmates in the Abandoned Glasshouse of the game. Yet another awesome locale for all of this.

I know I for one am going to check the PSN tomorrow in hopes of a release here in the States for it. If not, I think my good ol' UK PSN may be doing some downloading. I seriously can't get enough of this game and the challenges. I need my medals and my high rankings in the game. Tomorrow won't come fast enough now.

Eidos Interactive announces the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack for Batman: Arkham Asylum

Wednesday 23rd September - Eidos Interactive today announced the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack, a new downloadable map pack offering two additional Challenge Maps for the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum™ action adventure title. The new content will be available in the United Kingdom beginning September 24th as a free download on PlayStation®Network and Xbox® LIVE Marketplace.

In the ‘Heart of Darkness’ FreeFlow™ Combat map, players will battle a mob of relentless and maniacal enemies at the Arkham Pumping Station. Even the most seasoned Batman: Arkham Asylum player will enjoy stepping into the boots of BATMAN to take down increasingly difficult waves of insane inmates. In the ‘Hothouse Prey’ Invisible Predator™ map, players will have to rely on their Predator instincts to silently and effectively take down enemies at the Abandoned Glasshouse.