Manhunting For Rumors

Who wants to play Manhunt 2 the way it was originally designed to be played? You know the version that originally netted the game and AO (Adults Only) rating way back in October of 2007. The version that was deemed so violent, raunchy, and filthy that it was banned in a few countries and had to undergo massive censorships to be made into a M (Mature) rated game. I know I do. Maybe it would be the game everyone was hoping for.

Well we may get a chance to actually see this game in the not to far off distant future. At least according to the ESRB and the need to post ratings for games that have yet to be officially announced to the public. Many a good early find there. But I'm babbling away from the topic now.

On the site, Manhunt 2's PC version is listed on the site as an AO rated game. While the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions still have their little M rating. The PC version has yet to be officially announced, or at least I had yet to hear of it, but it is listed as an AO none the less. Does this mean that it is the version that has been banned? Maybe. It could also mean that because of the ease of getting PC games via digital distribution, they had to make this game AO so that anyone selling the game online took extra care to make sure it went to those 18+ gamers.

This is still rumor though, even though other sites that will remain nameless have been posting it as truth and fact. Just seeing a rating pop up doesn't totally mean that the uncensored version is coming to a PC near you. It seems likely, but it could have other factors making it AO again from M. We'll just have to see.

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