Time To Clean Up Arkham

Just in time for the official release date, in North America, come what will be the coolest looking trailer/advertisement for Batman Arkham Asylum to date. Even better than the sing skeleton video they have showing off the Scarecrow DLC you get for pre-ordering at GameStop. Albeit, not as funny, but it is one of the best views of the game that the general public will get a look at before they actually get to pick up the game. Even more so earlier for those across the big blue ocean to the East, they have to wait a few more days to have the Caped Crusader on their systems.

If you have been living with your head in a box, I'm not talking the magic porn box you are staring at right now either, this is the video that would have sold you from day one. Having played the game, it shows off all the cool little features as well as the storytelling type of the game extremely well. Also a bit more of in game views of some villains that have yet to be shown until today.

Watch it and then check back here soon for AggroGamer's full review of the game. Oh, and don't get dissuaded by the date on the end of the clip, at least for you North Americans, that is the date for across that big blue ocean there.