Here Comes The Evil Pumpkins

While Blizzcon has come and gone and only a few announcements for the worlds largest MMO were made, that doesn't mean that other companies weren't working on making a few big splashes. Some of the big splashes to get a rather interesting Anime-styled MMO to North America for the first time ever. Not to mention the second game that Gamepot is bringing to North America. This MMO I am talking about is Bright Shadow.

In case you here in the U.S. and other North America areas don't know, Bright Shadow is a micro-transaction based MMO that heavily employs the "cutsie" anime style for the world and all of it's inhabitants. It uses a bunch of tried and true MMO features, but also has a very interesting weather system to help immerse players in to the fantasy world. Yes, it is always changing and not based on just the locale. Not to mention that it is also very rooted in the fact that one can customize the game experience for themselves and their friends. Oh, and did I mention, 20 unique classes for players to pick and choose from. Such choices may boggle your average MMO users mind.

The website for the game just went live this morning, so head on over and check out the trailer on their site. That is if the video below, area shots, and creature shots below are not enough. Or if you want to go and sign up for the closed beta that is suppose to start sometime in the not to distant future. I mean the game is suppose to go gold here before the end of the year. Totally check it all out at the site


LOS ANGELES – Aug. 24, 2009 – Answering the call for a unique take on massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), Gamepot (USA), Inc., the U.S. publishing division of Japanese gaming behemoth Gamepot, Inc., is proud to announce its second North American offering, Bright Shadow. Making its way to North American gamers for the first time, Bright Shadow is currently beloved by countless fans around the globe. While the adored MMORPG's cute, cartoon-like characters and novel monsters – known as "Umbra" – will remain as found in other markets, Gamepot USA is localizing and adapting Bright Shadow with updated storylines, unique new items, and new systems for nearly endless character customization and imaginative new experiences.

"Bright Shadow lets players own their adventure – placing great emphasis on personalized experiences for them and their friends," said Thomas Lee, director of business and marketing, Gamepot (USA), Inc. "With a focus on creativity, finely-tuned social options and easy-to-learn gameplay, we feel it's the perfect online entertainment experience to bring to North America as part of our growing roster of free-to-play games."

The vast Bright Shadow game world – complete with its own ever-changing weather system – places a high emphasis on combat with a horde of unique, deadly monsters and social functions, featuring vigorous guilds and 20 unique classes, a number almost unheard of in traditional MMORPGs; making it ideal for both hardcore and casual audiences alike. Also included in Bright Shadow are an innovative Monster Card system used for a variety of abilities (including monster summons), a "Soul Power" collection system to boost skills, tailored item crafting and original pet systems all geared toward providing a truly customizable undertaking where no two players will be alike.

Bright Shadow is scheduled for release for online PC gaming in late 2009, with closed beta beginning this fall. Like all Gamepot games, Bright Shadow will be a 100% free-to-play experience with the option of purchasing "Pot Cash" for special in-game items further down the line.

For more information, or to sign up for a chance to be part of the beta, please visit