New LBP DLC Will Totally Get You Wet

You ever hop into the level creator for LittleBigPlanet and feel like there was something missing. Something that stopped you from being able to faithfully recreate the entire game of Super Mario Bros. using their sandbox. Something you couldn't quite place your finger on. Something you had to muddle around with the jet packs a bit to get to work correctly as well as run a blue tint over the entire screen for immersion's sake. Ok, enough of that and on to the point.

That thing would be the ability to add real water to your levels. Just a splash or even drown out the entire level with H2O. The guys over at Media Molecule thought the exact same thing. Which is why in a future, date undecided, DLC they are going to be adding that tool set into the mix of things. All very much like how they added in the Paint-in-ator to the game. I'm just not sure if it is going to come with all the other fun stuff that came with the MGS pack that brought you that tool.

This is going to be a totally awesome addition to the game and level designer. Just watching the video, this will let people make fresh levels that have a swim mechanic, or boat if you would. This will also lead to being able to totally recreate the entire game of Resident Evil 5 or Super Mario Bros. for a few days before it gets taken off the site for copyright infringement. In either way, good job guys. Now if only it would be given out for free to make up for the $30 of Free DLC you are handing out to first time buyers.

Watch the video and hopefully we will see this addition soon.

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