Looks Like They Were Called

Last week one of the fun little things announced for LittleBigPlanet was the addition of a cool little Ghostbusters costume for the game. Well a few of them, but we only got a glimpse of one. You know, the ghost logo guy. look it up on your own time if you don't remember.

Well this morning, from the official PlayStation blog, a screen of all four of the costumes you will be able to get this Thursday was just placed for our viewing pleasure. That and a few user created tributes to the film using existing stickers and creation tool stuff and the music video for Ghostbusters. A nice little fun tribute from them for the film too.

Each of the costumes will be available for $1.99 or you you can get the whole pack, plus some stickers, for $5.99. All on this Thursday's PSN update.

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