L4D2 Might Not Be Too Soon

Once again, yesterday there was a nice little bit thrown out for us gamers to consume as the zombies of Left 4 Dead 2 are want to to. The details on the demo for the game if you didn't catch it yesterday. But now today there is some more good news for the Left 4 Dead franchise. Possible cross-game play.

What is that, you might be thinking? Well as Doug Lombardi put it to TVD in there interview, it is the ability to play people who have Left 4 Dead through Left 4 Dead 2. Meaning that both games could be connected and maybe both sets of PCs could run through levels for both games. A nice little feature for everyone thinking it is way too soon for a sequel to Left 4 Dead to come out.

Mind you, this isn't a feature they are boasting to be in the game right now, but something they are trying to figure out and get into the final product. I for one really do hope they get this to work. Then it will be just one giant L4D game instead of two smaller L4D games. More details as we get them.

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