The Outlast Trials Has Another Villain On The Way To Torture Us


A new killer for The Outlast Trials is on the way to further expand out the Outlast family of villains who will be testing us

It feels like I was asking for this, as well as many others, and now Red Barrels is answering the call. A new villain is on the way to The Outlast Trials! It may have taken a bit and many have poured in hours to the game on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC since it first dropped, but soon we will have a third main villain hunting us down in the world. Along with a few new maps to go along with the villain too. All so the world of Outlast can grow even more and get even darker. Especially when you start to read into some of the things that this one might be offering up to the horror game community.

All we have for now is a teaser for this new villain in The Outlast Trials, but there is something to read into. Their name is Franco “Il Bambino” Barbi and it looks as if their whole thing revolves around birth and babies. It makes sense with the nickname that is given, but all of the imagery in the teaser leans into that. Maybe they will be a bit of a babyface in the world of Outlast. That or maybe the team is going completely off their rockers and forcing us to have to deal with the pains of childbirth and then all of the other things that come with babies. With hopes that we will not be disposing of any of those along the way…

The Outlast Trials — Villain Teaser: Franco “Il Bambino” Barbi

Its most depraved killer yet is joining the fray to hunt players on an all-new map.

Meet the newest villain joining The Outlast Trials. Franco “Il Bambino” Barbi, the outcast son of a Mafia Don, a perverse, gun-wielding man-child, will be a deadly addition to the Outlast family.

Do you think that they will go this dark in the Outlast universe once more or is that all just to add to the creepy factor for now? Will this killer have more of a baby mentality instead and just want to cause all kinds of damage due to not understanding? Will they be more of the Mafia kind of killer instead and just hunt us down with their gun? Run on down to the comment section to discuss it all. We have a bigger announcement for The Outlast Trials coming soon, so we know there will be more. Just come on back to see and hear about all of that as soon as we are able to get it live.