Lifeless Moon Has Launched Out On To More Platforms Now

Lifeless Moon

The launch of Lifeless Moon onto all the other platforms has happened to give more gamers a chance with Lifeless Moon

Great news for any out there who were holding out to play Lifeless Moon on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC via Epic Game Store. The game has now launched out there on those platforms so you can enjoy it if Steam is not your jam for some reason. That and to show the love to Stage 2 Studio and Serenity Forge for the spiritual successor they have placed out there for us. A little late to the game for Lifeless Moon for those who are all about playing on one specific platform, sure, but that does not mean we all cannot enjoy the 3D platformer this title is going to give us all. Again, if you are open to picking it up right now, at least.

As far as what Lifeless Moon looks to have, it will be a blending of first-person puzzle solving along with some 3D traversal using our spacesuit out there. All while navigating all of the weirdness that is going on out there in space. All to give us another captivating experience during the Apollo-era of space travel out there. Even if it does look like there is not much of a moon for us to experience in Lifeless Moon. Maybe we will just need to crack open the game to see all of that and experience live. Thankfully, something we can all do as you are done reading this and watching the following trailer showing you just a bit more about the game that is now out there, again. Have a look and enjoy.

Lifeless Moon — Launch Trailer

Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, LISA: Definitive Edition) and Lifeless Worlds today reported lift-off on the mysterious adventure Lifeless Moon as it journeys to landing on Xbox, PlayStation, and Epic Games Store.

Lifeless Moon is a stunning 3D platformer that takes you on a captivating journey to the moon during an Apollo-era mission. Explore eerie yet mesmerizing landscapes that blur the line between reality and the unknown, leaving you to deduce your true location in the universe. Mysteries await on the barren surface of the moon, unlocking secrets that will help you find the truth and survive.

As you retrace the steps of the explorers who came before you, understanding the traumas they faced may hold the key to your return home. Solve riddles, decipher clues, and master innovative technologies as you begin to perceive your new reality on a grander scale. Players will encounter strange phenomena and channel their extraordinary powers to unravel the mystery and uncover the truth.

Lifeless Moon is the spiritual successor to Lifeless Planet which sprang from cult-hit to almost ten million players over the course of its lifetime.

Did you have to wait to experience what Lifeless Moon has to offer or did you get to experience it on Steam already? Do you suspect there will be more to these versions after all of the down time or just give us a native way to experience it again? Will it flow out to any other consoles down the line or will this be the full run of the game? Drift on down to the comment section to discuss all of that and anything else you may have for it. If we have anything else to tell you for Lifeless Moon, we will add it to the site for you. All you need to do is keep in contact so you do not miss it at all.