Puppet House Gives Us A New Glimpse At The Puppet From Hell

Puppet House

New gameplay for Puppet House is out to show us more of what is haunting the Puppet House when it launches out to the world

It is time to creep deeper into the Puppet House and see what other horrors we will have to endure in the mix. All of which through some new gameplay that Gaming Factory has dropped out there that shows off our detective wandering about the house looking for more clues. More clues as well as more ways to escape the Puppet House once locked in. Especially as that little puppet from Hell is starting to haunt and hunt us more and more to help us end with all of our living out there. At least if you are looking to have those extra frights later this year on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC when the game launches. As if none of us would want to go through all of that…

The gameplay will highlight a bit more of Puppet House, but for those who are a bit behind, this game is a puzzle-adventure game where we have been tasked with solving the mysteries behind some local disappearances. To do this, our Detective Rick heads to the house where everything seems to have gone down and is trapped inside. That is where all of the escape room elements come in as we need to get out of the Puppet House with our lives now as well as solve the mystery of everything. Have a look at what the game is going to bring in the short and new gameplay to behold. It is going to frighten many but also be a fun little ride for all out there who are not afraid of dolls and puppets to start with.

Puppet House — Gameplay

Puppet House will debut as early as 2024! This unique title combines campy horror with challenging escape room elements, promising players a thrilling experience. The latest trailer is now available for viewing, offering a glimpse into the gameplay and mystery of the house haunted by a puppet from hell.

❖ Welcome to Field Town ❖

Immerse yourself in the sinister world of the Puppet House, in which horrors are carved from wood. As Detective Rick, your task is to unravel the mystery of local disappearances. All leads point towards an old house of a late ventriloquist. Will you be brave enough to follow this case, even if a murderous puppet crosses your path?

❖ Survive the nightmare ❖

Sense of unease is perfectly balanced with a touch of B-movie horror humor that evokes the charm of classic 80s and 90’st horror movies and games. Expect over-the-top scares and a killer puppet antagonist that's as creepy as it is absurd. The combination of scares and humor ensures that Puppet House delivers an unforgettable horror experience that will both thrill and entertain.

❖ Riddles and puzzles ❖

Puppet House challenges players with intricate puzzles and escape room elements in a haunted mansion and its surrounding estate. Players must solve brain-teasing riddles and unlock hidden passageways to progress, all while navigating the eerie atmosphere filled with campy B-movie horror humor. Each puzzle is designed to test your wit and logic, immersing you deeper into the killer puppet's dark secrets.


  • Demonic Puppet Antagonist: Encounter a soul-stealing puppet that relentlessly hunts those who trespass.
  • Puzzle-Adventure: As Detective Rick, solve cleverly designed puzzles to uncover the mansion's dark secrets.
  • Escape Room Elements: Navigate through an evolving environment.
  • Atmospheric Horror: Experience a chilling atmosphere with haunting visuals and sound design.

Does Puppet House look like it is shaping up to be another horrifying ride for us all out there? Do you think that this will be much more than a walking and puzzle simulation game out there? Are we going to lose our weapon at some point in the game or will there be a good reason why we will not just be able to gun the doll down? Creep on down to the comment section to discuss all of that and everything else we have going on out there. When we have anything more to share for Puppet House, know it will be here on the site. Please keep coming back to see and hear all about that as it flows on out there over time. Hopefully, it will be before the spooky season out there that has officially started.