Marvel Rivals Swings In With Some New Character Reveals To Enjoy

Marvel Rivals

More of the Marvel Rivals roster is filled out with a few more Marvel characters looming about that some might have missed

With the closed beta for Marvel Rivals kicking off in just a few weeks, July 23rd, it is high time for us to have a look at some of the characters we are going to get to play with out there. Not that NetEase Games has not offered up quite a few of the characters already, but this time we get to dive into some of their specific roles and actions they can take. Along with a whole lot of extra gameplay for Marvel Rivals and a few of the other characters hidden in the background for us eagle-eyed gamers to catch. Hold onto your butts as we swing in to see Spider-Man and a few others get the highlights today.

As you will see here, we have Loki, Hela, Peni Parker, and Spider-Man joining in the fight for Marvel Rivals. Spider-Man being the most recent announcement for those who have been following along religiously so far. All of them are out there blasting away at their opponents and using their various other abilities to traverse the world or go on the defensive. A good thing too, as we also get to see the likes of Magneto, Venom, Groot, and Dr. Strange in the mix of the fights along with many other characters we could assume Marvel Rivals would be coming to the game. Okay, maybe not Mantis specifically, but we get a look of her in the mix too with Black Panther and Rocket. Not to mention many others who are running and "gunning" in the background. Have a look at each of these characters and then hold out hole you can get into that Closed Beta.

Marvel Rivals — Character Reveal: Loki

Loki Laufeyson, Asgard’s cunning trickster, joins Marvel Rivals!✨

His mystic illusions and shapeshifting power make him a devious Strategist.

However, it seems that the God of Mischief is far from satisfied. Even though he banished his elder brother and seized Yggsgard’s throne, the power-hungry King now sets his sights on every timeline!

Marvel Rivals — Character Reveal: Hela

None may challenge Hela’s will! The Queen of Hel bestows her might upon those daring enough to join her! Gather the powers of Nastrond, from cursed crows to a rain of nightswords! As the living world trembles before death, Hela rises as the most chilling Duelist.

As the Timestream Entanglement erodes the veil between life and death, the Asgardian villain seeks to expand her rule beyond the Ten Realms! Dark dealings with her kin and other dark deities may be necessary, calling night upon the mortal Multiverse!

Marvel Rivals — Character Reveal: Peni Parker

Swing into action alongside Peni Parker and her SP//dr mech-suit!

It’s tough for high schoolers, even those from the far future, especially when it’s up to them and their arachnid allies to save multiple worlds from collapse!

Right at home in the world of Tokyo 2099, SP//dr takes a leap from patrolling the streets to standing against some of the strongest heroes and villains ever! Between the threat of multiple Dooms and the unraveling of the Web of Life and Destiny, Peni Parker has more than enough on her plate, and it’s up to her Arachno-Mines and her quick wit to wrap up everything in a nice bow…or Cyber-Web. Who knows, she may even need to swap to a new suit with a bit darker flavor!

Marvel Rivals — Character Reveal: Spider-Man

Look out, here comes Spider-Man!

You know the story, after a radioactive spider granted Peter Parker his arachnid powers, he started to shoulder the great responsibility of protecting everyone in his friendly neighborhood. While Peter never leaves home without his endless stream of quips and inexhaustible optimism, the crisis of the Timestream Entanglement puts him at odds with some of his greatest allies and unforgettable foes. But, with the Web of Life and Destiny hanging on by a thread, every amazing Spider-Totem and Web-Warrior will need to join the fray, even those that forgot their suit at home…

The Closed Beta Test is coming on July 23rd!!

Are you excited to dive into what Marvel Rivals has to offer up to the world or will it be another drop-in-the-bucket kind of game out there? Have you seen or heard of your favorite character in the mix and will we get the full run of characters instead of just the fan-favorites? Will there be a massive showing of the game during SDCC as well as a load of people getting access to the beta out of that event? Let us hear those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. More for Marvel Rivals will be flowing out there very soon, so please keep on checking in here for all of those updates and the many others we have in the works. I know there will be a whole lot of fun to be had and we might even try to stream some of the gameplay in the near future if we can.