It Sounds Like Inevitability Is Almost Here For MultiVersus


The next fighter for MultiVersus is getting uploaded with Agent Smith on the way to make MultiVersus unstable again

The character was teased before and on July 8th, we will finally get Agent Smith in the mix of MultiVersus out there. Another in the vast Warner Bros. list of IP characters making their way into the game and Player First Games has offered up a bit of a look at the character a week before they join in. A fun little thing as we gear up to see the many Smiths fight it out for MultiVersus to see who can fully take over the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC. Would that not be a fun thing to see? Your screen gets "hacked" if you are beaten by Agent Smith. Although, I think that might be a bit too much for this fun little brawler instead of just making the character fun to play with in the game.

As you will be able to see in the new gameplay for MultiVersus, Agent Smith is a new Bruiser class of character coming to the game. One that will mix hard hits with a lot of agility. A lot like we see from The Matrix films the character is from. Along with some of the fun and iconic moves, we should expect from the character. Like the ability to dodge projectiles in a fun way from the films. All to be able to close the gap and hit the opponent just as hard as they should be in MultiVersus. All of that and then we can relive that epic fight where it is Smith vs Smith vs Smith vs Smith in the game. Have a look and see how that will play out and then get ready to wait just one more week to be able to experience the character for yourself out there.

MultiVersus — Character Gameplay: Agent Smith

Warner Bros. Games released a new MultiVersus trailer revealing the first look at gameplay for Agent Smith, the main antagonist from The Matrix film series, who will join the roster on July 8 as part of Season 1: Puns & Villainy.

Agent Smith is a Bruiser class character with a moveset befitting his role as a defender of the Matrix. With staggering speed, uncanny aim, and an insatiable hunger for control, he’s ready to make the Multiverse his playground. In the new video, Agent Smith can be seen leveraging his close-range combat and shooting skills, teleporting to close the distance in the middle of battle, and calling in support from another Agent.

Agent Smith will be available as a free playable fighter starting on July 8 by participating in the season-long “Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free!” event where players can complete boss nodes in the PvE (Player vs. Environment) Rifts mode to earn rewards.

Are you glad to finally see Agent Smith coming to MultiVersus or did you have your eyes set on a different character? Would it have been fun to have the meta end screen if we are beaten by Agent Smith or would that have been too much for this kind of game? Who is the next character you are excited to see jump into the mix of things down the line? Head down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have going on. As we learn more about MultiVersus, know we will update it all here for you. Please keep on coming back to check it all out and all of the other fun things that we have in the works for the site. There are still some massive things yet to come.