Stray Is Now Clawing Its Way Onto The Nintendo Switch


A new version of Stray is on the way to the Nintendo Switch to let cat lovers there get to experience what Stray is about

After so much time has gone by for Stray, it looks as if those who were holding out to play the game on the Nintendo Switch are going to have a chance now. Well, as long as you are willing to hold out until the Holiday season of this year when Annapurna Interactive is going to be able to get the game over there. Just a bit longer and you will get to see what this cyberpunk cat adventure is all about. If you have not already just dipped in and looked at all of the gameplay for Stray before now. Then again, it is different to experience it all than it is to watch someone else experience it all. We are just one step closer to getting that out for anyone who so wants to now…

If you have not surmised by now, this version of Stray will have all of the updates that have come out for the game since it first dropped out there and will pump out all of the visuals that the Switch can handle. That means that you will not be able to see the game in any glorious 4K resolution but limited down to the max of the Switch. Not a huge issue as Stray is not one for the massive visuals and you do need to make some trade-offs when looking to take this kitten with you on the go. Along with all of the robots and other creatures trying to end the life of this cat in the game. Have a quick look at how the game is going to look on the Switch below.

Stray — Nintendo Switch Announcement

Stray is coming to Nintendo Switch this Holiday 2024!

Lost, alone, and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find their way home.

Did you have to hold out for this version of Stray to launch out there or have you had a chance to experience all that it has to offer already? Do you think it is going to affect the game by the visual downgrade or will it still flow as well as it did on all of the other systems? Will we ever get a solid sequel to this title after the ambiguous ending that is going to shock even more gamers by the end of this year? Stalk on down to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer up out there. When we have the next big update for Stray, we will share it here for you. Please keep on checking back for those updates and the many others you might want to check out.