A New Tormentress Is Out There For Us To Experience In Succubus


New DLC for Succubus is out there to give us a whole new demon and other tormenting things to experience within Succubus

It has been a little while since we heard from Succubus out there and now we are glad to see that there is a new priestess adding into the game with new DLC. This would be the Tormentress that Madmind Studio has been working on to add into the game. Along with all of that, to also work on putting other features into Succubus for us to experience as we dive further into this character now that it is out there. Yeah, you do not need to wait much longer than reading the rest of this and seeing what the Tormentress is bringing to the game with a new trailer. Here is what is coming into the game for those who are looking to keep all of this dark fun going.

As one would expect, this new character in Succubus brings all manner of new powers, abilities, weapons, and other brutal actions into the game now. All fitting more for the leather-clad demon we are going to be roaming the Hellish landscape with and doing all manner of terrible things. Along with a bit of the sexier things that Succubus is also known for. A perfect blending of the two when you look at it and see how the Tormentress will also be fighting off waves of souls who also want to do terrible things to her. Terrible and "adult" things, so take that as a bit of a warning before pressing play on this new trailer we have for the DLC. If it looks up your alley, then give it a download and dive into it all.

Succubus — Tormentress DLC


Become a demonic priestess of lust and use her unique skills to take revenge on your enemies. Regain your kingdom making hell tremble under your hooves! Leave no one alive if they won’t bend the knee!

Main Features:

  • Intense and brutal action using 40 different weapons and 20 special powers
  • Diversified opponents
  • World Map
  • Character Customization
  • Main Hub with customization option
  • Rank Arenas with Online Leaderboards
  • A system of weapons and armor that affect a player’s statistics
  • A rich and diverse world of Hell
  • A multi-story plot combining horror with action and survival
  • A hostile environment full of traps and enemies
  • Surreal visual setting and gore
  • Boss fights

Have you been playing Succubus and enjoying it all up to now with even more to come? How do you feel about the look of the new character we are getting and will you go with the more scantily-clad version more when playing? Do you think that the adult nature of this all places the game in a different category or does it lean into the setting of it all? Take those thoughts into the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more to come out there for Succubus, we will try to add it to the site for you. Please keep on coming back to the site to see and hear about all of that out there.