The Thaumaturge Has Added In Some New Polish Dubbing To Enjoy


One more way to play The Thaumaturge is out there with a full Polish dub added in for The Thaumaturge to better fit the setting

In another sign of ask and you shall receive in some cases, it looks like The Thaumaturge is finally getting one of the more requested options added into the game. Fool’s Theory and 11 Bit Studios have listened and will now be adding in a new Polish dub option to the game. Not only for those who live in the area and speak it naturally, but to further place us into the world of The Thaumaturge given the setting of the game. That and a few of the little nuances that get lost when translating over to direct English out there. So, if you have felt like the game was missing something, you can give it all another play on the PC or get ready to hear it all for the first time on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S when that release does finally land out there.

To further add to the authenticity of it all in The Thaumaturge, the teams were able to get the entire voice cast to come back and re-record all of the lines using their natural dialect too. We rarely get to hear this in our games and usually end up with semi-decent sound-a-likes when this kind of dubbing happens, but as it turns out, the voice cast of The Thaumaturge were already natural Polish speakers. That way all of the characters will still sound the same but have the new language for us to hear. All so those who do not speak Polish will be able to read along with the text in English as the events of the game unfold. This is not something I will normally partake in, but it is a solid touch to make sure the culture does not vanish when the teams have a solid opportunity to help it shine into the future out there. Amazing on all of them.

The Thaumaturge — Polish Dubbing

If your knowledge of Polish is limited to famous swear words but you’re curious to learn more, then Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studios have a pleasant announcement. As of today, the Polish voice-over is available in The Thaumaturge, a narrative RPG unfolding in 1905 Warsaw.

In the early 20th century, Warsaw was partitioned by invaders who tried to remove the Polish language from all walks of life including schools. This quest ultimately failed thanks to the brave spirit of Poland and its people, and the dev team decided to honor this resilience with the new voice-over. Polish V/O has also been one of the most requested community add-ons since launch.

To maintain the Slavic flavor of The Thaumaturge’s narrative, Polish voice actors recorded the English dialogues, and the same actors have reprised their roles for the Polish dub of the game. With writing taking full advantage of the realities of the Warsaw setting, using the period vocabulary and expressions that are no longer in today’s everyday speech, The Thaumaturge with Polish voice-over gives its players an even more immersive and true-to-life experience.

The Thaumaturge is an isometric RPG that blends a gripping narrative with morally ambiguous choices and a meaningful theme. Crafted by Fool’s Theory and published by 11 Bit Studios, it puts players in the haunted shoes of Wiktor Szulski, a gifted yet tormented thaumaturge, as he traverses the complex tapestry of early 20th-century Warsaw.

The Thaumaturge is available on Steam, with a console version releasing later this year.

Is this a feature coming to The Thaumaturge that you have been waiting for or will it just be a solid addition to keep the option available? Do you find it odd that they did not do this from the start or does it make sense to you that they brought the actors back in later to record it all again? When do you think we will see all of this on the consoles out there and will it be sooner than later? Head into the comment section to discuss it all and let the world know your thoughts. If we get anything more for The Thaumaturge, we will share it with you to keep you as up-to-date as possible. Please keep on checking in to see and hear about all of that as it comes.