The Masked Weirdo Is Giving Us Some New Gameplay For MultiVersus


A look at Jason in MultiVersus is here just a little before the full launch of MultiVersus coming next week

We saw the character teased earlier in the week and now we are back to have a look at what Jason Voorhees will be bringing to MultiVersus when it fully launches on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC on May 28th. Given that most of the other characters that Player First Games is bringing to the game could easily be lowered down in content to fit a broader audience, it will be interesting to see how this slasher will be able to bring the pain to all of the characters in the game without giving it a M-rating. Not that other characters in MultiVersus have not been at that level before in their own IP, but Jason would be one of the ones that feels like it would be harder to shift the personality a bit to be closer to a T-rating.

As you will be able to see in the new gameplay for MultiVersus, it looks as if Jason will be bringing all of the pain and attacks we have seen in many of the films up to now. The machete will be in full use and even going to be seeing some of the iconic kills from the Friday The 13th films used as attacks in the game. Like the sleeping bag swing and the use of a folding bed to smash other characters. Granted, these are going to be used in more of a comedic manner and not to fully end another character, so that feels like the best workaround. Although, I would like to see the Jason X skin use some of the liquid nitrogen in his attacks in MultiVersus if we are going to that level.

MultiVersus — Character Gameplay: Jason Voorhees

Ki-Ki-Ki Ma-Ma-Ma Jason, our special, special boy. The Masked Weirdo has come to MultiVersus!

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I was certainly 'iffy' on the announcement of Jason into MultiVersus as a character given the content he is known for. Sure, the Game Of Thrones characters and such have gone to dark places, but they can be seen as just fantasy when all is said and done. I am a fan of how they are using Jason based on this, though, even if it does feel like it is watering down the character a bit. It fits the IP and will add in some fun stuff for MultiVersus with the other characters it seems. As long as they do not make Jason talk for some reason and maybe have some other characters point that out as the game carries forward. Now we just need to wait to make sure this is exactly what we should be expecting from these kinds of characters going forward.

Is this how you were thinking Jason would be working in MultiVersus or did you think they were going to water him down a bit? Could we see other massive horror icons show up in the same way or is this the only one to expect for now? Do you think using the red blur for some of his actions is to show how brutal the character is while still not having any of the characters bleed in the game? Fight it out with all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If we get more for MultiVersus, we will share it all with you as best we can. There is a lot more to come before and after the launch, so make sure to stay tuned in.