The Timeloop Is About To Start Up With The DLC For Not For Broadcast

Not For Broadcast

The final DLC for Not For Broadcast is coming soon and we have a teaser for Not For Broadcast: The Timeloop

We have been a huge fan of the Not For Broadcast title over here and now it looks like we have one final bit to update for the game now. As they do, all good things come to an end at some point and NotGames is doing so with the help of tinyBuild too. Here we go with the final DLC we will see for the game on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC with the showing of Not For Broadcast: The Timeloop. Not a surprise as it has been teased well before, but here we have our first look at what we might have to expect in this final run of the show. Let us see how bad this timeloop will be.

There is not all that much for us to see here for Not For Broadcast: The Timeloop outside of things taking place in the most recent timeline of the game. That was around 2020 when the first set of events started up and it was less of a found footage style of thing we played through. The news team is back in action but there seems to be something wrong with it all. They are stuck in a timeloop and we are going to be tasked with helping them get out of it all. All while using the various buttons and switches we have at our disposal for the shows and playing out in the normal Not For Broadcast style of things. Although, I am sure it will be a little weird to have ad breaks mixed in if no one will remember seeing them out there…

Not For Broadcast: The Timeloop — DLC Reveal

The final DLC for Not For Broadcast, will see you join the entire news team, including Jeremy Donaldson, Megan Wolfe, Jenny, and Alan James, for the first time since 2020, as you embark on a tense new storyline where you find yourself caught in a timeloop. Uncover fresh clues with each repetition and piece together the truth behind the mysteries unfolding within the newsroom - can you escape The Timeloop?

Have you had a blast playing Not For Broadcast before now or is it just our small corner of fun over here? How do you think this will all play out and will we get sent back to the start of the show when we finally end the loop? What new mechanic will we see added in for this one and will it be vastly different than anything we have played with before? Head on down to the comments and leave all of those thoughts there. We will be keeping close eyes on Not For Broadcast: The Timeloop, so be sure to keep a close eye on the site for those updates. I know it will be all kinds of fun for us to play and for you to watch.